TMC Communications, LLC

Since 1997, TMC Communications, LLC has combined traditional financial public relations and investor relations strategies with innovative approaches. The result – the optimum positioning for our clients.

We draw upon an exhaustive knowledge of the media, together with a focus on specific industries and businesses around the world, bringing you proactive and creative thinking.

We are quick studies about our clients’ lines of business and financial results, and shape that information into winning communications campaigns.

In 2001, we added capital solutions services to help meet our clients’ financing needs. We help our clients raise the funds they need in markets that can be quite complicated, irrespective of investor sentiment as well as broader economic cycles.

At TMC, our modus operandi is to link a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ lines of business with our practice areas – superlative service is our ultimate objective.

Pivoting off an extensive knowledge of the market players, media outlets, investors and industries around the world, TMC’s corporate philosophy is to analyze the history, background, activities, competitors, opponents and counterparties of its clients and combine this analysis with the firm’s vast experience and knowledge in achieving successful client program objectives.

We work as an integral part of our clients.

Your success is our success.