Presentation & Roadshow Training

Some people get stage fright when confronted with a crowd – others cannot effectively articulate their points and perspectives, or may simply need to ensure that their capabilities are perceived as desired – we want to help you deliver your message and vision smoothly and clearly, when standing in front of the klieg lights and in front of a financially savvy and intelligent audience. We help you convincingly sell a make-or-break presentation.

Our coaching and counsel includes preparation for:

  • Board & Annual Meetings
  • IPOs
  • Secondary Offerings
  • Fixed Income and Floating Rate Debt Investor Presentations
  • Roadshows
  • Industry Conferences
  • Investor & Analyst Calls and In-Person Presentations
  • Employee Communications, Critical Product and Company Milestones
  • Constituency and Advocacy Relations
  • Crisis and Issues Management and Response

Who is this coaching for?

  • Management Committee Members
  • CEOs, CFOs, Lead Advisors, Top Portfolio Managers, Lead Buy and Sell Side Analysts
  • Business Unit Leaders and Tier One Representatives
  • Middle-level Asset Managers, Researchers and Sales Force
  • Public Relations, Investor Relations Professionals
  • Public Affairs and Government Affairs Officials

What we will cover?

Our programs employ three elements: communications theory, proven techniques for improving interviews and general public speaking skills, and practical on-camera rehearsals simulating “real world” business and interview scenarios. Our program builds the skills and confidence of the participants. Our coaching and consulting will help your team with their total presence and strengthen critical areas of business and interpersonal communications on sales calls and in client and prospect meetings. Our coaching will help staff with unscripted discussions, confidence and control.

Here are some of the ways we can help your executives:

  • How to frame up and assert control in an interview
  • Strengthen effectiveness in responding to both expected and unexpected questions effectively (clarity, speed, information at hand, etc.)
  • Establish clear, concise and compelling messages
  • Develop methods for responding to adversarial questions
  • Showcase the skills learned in media training that can be applied to any public speaking opportunity or internal meeting
  • Build confidence in presenting and communicating with clients and prospects
  • How to coach others for interviews
  • How to achieve expositional clarity, clarity, clarity