Our Services

Capital Advisory

Our capital advisory support is particularly geared to your international M&A, divestiture and JV endeavors as well as restructurings. Our multi-cultural experience and understanding of the local markets and how they work will prove valuable assets to build upon as you look to raise the capital you seek.

We provide counsel on local and international deals that fall under the radar screen of investment banks, be it for size, risk or compensation requirements.

Investment Proposal Presentation

The content of your investment proposal can make or break your success. Your success is our success.

We will first help you see your investment proposal from the eyes of your target investors and help you prepare it with Wall Street’s precise financial language, if you have not already done so.

We start with the optimum capital structure suggestions and ensure that your proposition actually gets across with the right content embedded in it.

Our team consists of US and international capital markets professionals who throughout their careers at leading investment banks or accounting firms have worked on innumerable investor presentations and information memorandums. We couple this valuable experience with the nearly unparalleled market and credit cycle seasoning of our team, giving your investment proposal the advantage of incorporating what an investor needs to know in order to understand your funding needs and how those mesh with their own investment objectives, while anticipating critical investor concerns and appropriately addressing them ahead of time.

If you already have an investor presentation and an information memorandum, we will fine tune it with the eyes of an investor and make our suggestions/changes with a view to enhance your overall success ratio.

Capital Raising

We can help you raise debt, equity or mezzanine/hybrid capital, in the US or internationally, depending on your needs and investor targeting. Each type of capital requires its own specific expertise – and we tailor each investment proposition based on the most advantageous way possible, while factoring in all key variables.

Our corporate finance and capital markets experience includes a wide range of industries and locations around the globe and incorporates various investment targets and risk spectrums which will appeal to a large variety of investors whom we can access in the marketplace on your behalf. And we never lose sight of our overarching aim – to raise the funding you seek, within the parameters you set for maturity and repayment.

  • Debt Capital
  • Equity Capital
  • Mezzanine/Hybrid Capital