Our Approach

If you are trying to raise money, you face several variables irrespective of broader market conditions. Not all investors have the same risk appetite and profile, and banks and other financial institutions do not lend out their money easily. When an investment proposition becomes international, further complexities enter into the picture. In today’s complicated and competitive investment environment, you need the edge that a well-crafted and farsighted capital raising effort can bring.

We focus on complex capital solution needs, be it an international or local equity, debt offering or a combination thereof that best serve our clients’ needs.

Our capital raising efforts build upon our many years of capital markets, corporate finance and international deal knowledge, and are based on deals we have worked on first hand for M&As, restructurings, bankruptcies, along with buyouts in different risk profiles, industries, global locations and cultures. Our experience, topped with our deep and longstanding relationships in the marketplace, are the basis of our specific approach to making our clients’ investment propositions well understood, coupled with tailor-made study and approaches to carefully selected investors who best suit the deal in hand. We strive to make certain that the proposition is made to correctly targeted investors, with the right information the investor seeks when making an investment decision. We work as your partners so long as you need us, never losing sight of your ultimate goal – fundraising success.